The first coin I received because of some guys mining in my basement, paying back the electricity in crypto. Actually they gave it to me in the peek of the bullrun in 2018 :/ Back then I din't know the market at all and got left with a few bucks and a big bill. The lady from the power company called me and asked if I had a tanning shop 😂

Then in January 2021 some friends talked about crypto and the coins were back in my mind. Then the craziness began. Corona came and I think every coin, except the ones I had, pumped. This was the time I have created my first nfts.

It was a wild journey so far and I am happy to particypate on this adventure.


AR CryptoSourceCodeBlocks


The first project I did were the AR CryptoSourcCodeBlocks. I made them because I wondered how all this code looks like and I imagined something boxed like in a museum where the code is inside. I basically took the core file of the bitcoin resporitory and placed it inside the augmented reality application (.usdz). Then it was possible to load the blocks and watch what's inside. To watch the Code in that way is a nice experience. It reminds me a lot to matrix actually. At this time I was thinking about a new nickname for me. So I decided to take Future Felix, but later on I wanted the name to be more related to my passion of painting and rebranded myself again to Felix le Peintre. The name fits even better to my logo and the French touch is so handsome. Don’t you think, too?


 ..will write more soon..

maybe I'll make a blog out of it and continue with the latest..


Output Round 1


The collection is showing my black and white drawings, made by wiggling my hand on paper, and electronic music I composed. After researching I thought the Solana blockchain is solid technology with quite many users. After minting my first nfts I really liked to see my art in this new way and my brain began to think, what now? At that time the Corvid Virus spread around the world and as the government said we have to stay at home I made a few tracks. Adding them to the output round 1 collection gave me another idea of how to handle different media formats as nfts. 





HarrypotterObamaSonic10Inu - This was fun.

After putting all my money into different projects I learned a lot. From how to send different coins from wallet to wallet, how to buy shitcoins, how to make gains and not selling, how to make APIs to make taxes, how to loose money, how to gain money quick to how to almost loose my mind. The crypto space is much volatile and wow fast! I had to learn how not to panic. Sometimes I woke up at night and the first thing I did was checking prices. I did some trades sweating like a motherfucker.



Panic Goats



While True Do End

I heard its possible to mint for free on opensea with polygon network. After experimenting with polygon on opensea I realized that if you want to send their matic token from an exchange to to your wallet, you have to pay 18 matic fee. What is about 30$ at the time of writing. I tried Cardano nfts, but my computer has only 30gb space left so it was not possible do use the daedalus wallet, because if, you have to download the whole blockchain although I like and adore the idea of decentralization. 2021 felt like being high on the blockchain I am telling you! Information went into my brain all day, every day.